Surowiec Farm started a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in 2011.  A CSA is very simple.  A member signs up and pays for a share (15, 20 or 26 week) at the start of the season.  Each member then picks up their weekly share during the 28 week CSA season.

Why consider a CSA, when you can shop at our farm stand anytime or attend one of the farmer’s markets?  Typically the selection at farmer’s markets greatly decreases after the first hour and the weather can reduce customer participation.  When you commit to a CSA, you can buy and eat local, fresh picked produce all season, without the hassle of long lines and poor weather conditions.  When a farm has a committed membership it also helps with our effort to be more sustainable.

Your share will include a good mix of fruit and vegetables throughout the season.  Please contact us at info@surowiecfarm.com for a “sample” CSA weekly list.  Please note that weather and growing conditions are factors in the availability of all our crops.

We offer two share sizes.  A half share, which is suitable for single/couple and a full share, which provides produce for a family of 4.  Overall, you will be receiving a minimum of a 10% return on your investment.

Our CSA season is 28 weeks (June through December).  You have a choice of signing up for 15, 20 or 26 non consecutive weeks.   Share pick up is at our farm stand Monday through Sunday from 10 to close, rain or shine.   We close at 5:30pm (June, July, August) and 5pm (September through December).  The flexible week choice (15, 20 or 26) gives you the opportunity to “skip” weeks due to vacations/commitments/seasonal preference.

You will be able to chose your own vegetables and fruit from the farmstand displays.   We provide a lot of flexibility and choices each week.   Your share will always be quality produce, which is picked fresh daily.  Local milk and eggs, plus cut your own flowers and herbs are also part of your share.  You are also welcome to shop for additional produce and local items, such as meat, cheese, our own canned produce, honey and maple products.

Please contact us at info@surowiecfarm.com if you have additional questions regarding the CSA program.  Please note our program fills up rapidly and we have a set limit for each CSA program.

Applications for our 2021 season will close May 1st, thank you!