Summer at Surowiec Farm

In the summer the farm stand is filled with our own fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber, beans, squash, and melons, which are harvested daily.

We use many best management practices to grow our crops, such as crop rotation, disease resistant varieties, cultivation, and hand weeding.


The selection of vegetables varies with the seasons, so come visit often.  Crisp, cool salads, sweet corn, and juicy melons are perfect for those hot summer days and family barbecues.

Our own tomato sauce as a perfect compliment with our eggplant and peppers!


We also offer a nice selection of locally made products such as meat ( chicken and our own beef and pork), milk, cheese, eggs, honey, maple and so much more!



Summer also bring beautiful colors from our cut your own flower and herb garden.  You can cut basil and dill fresh and ready to use. 


Fresh bouquets going to the farmers market.






Sunflowers, asters, zinnias and some really unique flowers to bring the summer season into your house and enjoy their beauty for days!

Pick Your Own Blueberries

Mid July through August.

Blueberry season begins in mid July and under optimal conditions will extend until Labor Day, when apple season begins. Our bushes are irrigated, high bush cultivars, which produce large, tasty berries and are convenient for picking. Containers are provided at no additional cost.

Please remember to leave pets/dogs in the comfort of a cool home, since they are not allowed out of the vehicles due to health and safety reasons.