Curbside Shopping

July 13, 2020

Please note that on Monday the order form is updated, so have patience if an item suddenly is not available or becomes available.

Starting the week of May 4th, curbside pick up will be available on Wednesdays and Thursdays (10 to 5).    

  1. Please fill out your order form Tuesday morning by noon for a  Wednesday pickup.

  2. Please fill out your order prior to Wednesday morning by noon for a Thursday pickup.

  3. We need at least 12 hours to retrieve and compile the order and enter it into our system.

  4. When you check out your shopping cart, please indicate the day and time of your preferred pickup, in the note section.

  5. Please wait until you have a confirmation and total due via email/text prior to coming for your pickup!

  6.   All payments will be processed in our outside Point of Sale register.   Thank you!





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